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On the road again…

Premex Business Development Manager Anthony Berry has put 90,000 miles on the clock visiting customers in the past two and a half years. PremExtra grabs ten minutes of his time to take the industry’s temperature…

Few people at Premex hit the roads like Anthony and dozens of Premex customers will have spent time with our fast talking BD manager since he joined the company in 2013. After reading law at university and then working in the legal and insurance markets, Anthony has a broad perspective on personal injury and clinical negligence claims.

“Premex receives instructions from firms ranging across the spectrum of practice areas and I meet with solicitors and managing partners pretty much every day,” he says.

“These are challenging times, there’s no doubt about that. There’s a number of issues and concerns that keep coming up in conversation.

“Medco has represented a huge upheaval for our RTA clients and I’ve spent a considerable amount of time supporting customers, many of whom are forced to instruct new Medical Reporting Organisations but still seek out advice from Premex because of a level of trust they’ve built with us over the years.”

Anthony adds that from a business point of view, RTA specialists are “managing well”, considering the range of reforms they have encountered.

“We have sustained our partnership approach with customers.  Over the last few years both the legal and medical side of the market place have been subjected to a huge amount of change.  By keeping our customers updated and being as flexible as possible we've been able to continue growing the business.”

Meanwhile, Anthony also supports customers of Premex +, our complex personal injury service. He says again that cash flow challenges can be a major headache for customers. “Again this is symptomatic of all businesses, but for lawyers managing long-tail cases we are extra vigilant of their needs. This is why Premex + has financing available because without suppliers like ourselves offering credit, bottlenecks would become hard to clear.”