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3d Rehabilitation fast track focus

In twelve short months, 3d Rehabilitation has established itself as a leading nationwide source of treatment and return to work solutions.

Now, having completed a major acquisition, 3d is innovating in support of injured parties and instructing solicitors, driving efficiencies for compensators and ensuring measured, clinical outcomes.

“In late 2015, the acquisition of Argent Rehabilitation gave 3dR a transformational platform, on which we’ve built a fast track solution delivering quality service and results for customers and injured parties,” says Jo French, Managing Director of 3dRehabilitation. “We have developed a unique case management platform, Flo, which allows our customers to use fast track services in a seamless, online environment. Triage, treatment and diagnostics can all be managed using Flo, and we’ll be rolling out a range of new services during the next 12 months.”

While rehab is becoming a much more accepted element of the fast track personal injury process, developments at 3dR have also been made in step with markers put down by the Rehab Code, says Jo. “We’re about 12 months on from the last update of the Rehab Code and in many ways, 3dR is taking those principals of building a streamlined process very much to heart. Every service update we create should help reduce friction and help all parties work together to help claimants recover as quickly and completely as possible.”