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Introducing Paul Welch

“This industry is much bigger and diverse than I could ever have expected,” says Paul, who joined Premex Group as Business Development Manager this year. “Of course I was aware to an extent, but it’s come as a welcome surprise that Premex has such an array of customers and a great range of products that we can offer to the market.”

After several years in sales roles at the likes of Black Horse finance, before which Paul was an owner-manager of a 48-seat restaurant in the South West of England, he comes with a genuine enthusiasm for the task.

“I’ve worked in a really heavily regulated sector like finance and credit and that can be a big challenge because everything is governed by treating customers fairly, principles-based regulation and so on. Before that, it was all about long days in the service industry. I can see that Premex customers want two things from us; speed and success. They want to know that we’re adding to the pot by helping them become more successful in what they do. This is a fascinating task because I know we have the products that can get Premex customers to the place they want to be.”