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Trust Premex with your data security

They say you should always be aware of the company you keep. In business, this means your supply chain relationships can reflect poorly upon you if someone isn’t living up to their obligations. Nowhere is this more significant that when an outsource partner is responsible for processing sensitive customer data.

“Data protection is an increasingly significant obligation for our clients. Not only does the treatment of data held by your own business need careful management, but increasingly those in your supply chain who process customer information on your behalf will be scrutinised,” says Michael Black, Head of Compliance at Premex Group.

“The Information Commissioner’s Office recently revealed how almost 200 firms of solicitors had been investigated for potential breaches in data protection during 2014[1], while almost 600 investigations were instigated by the ICO against financial services firms during the same period[2].

“As a trusted partner to hundreds of businesses across legal, financial services and the medical profession, ExamWorks UK and Premex Group manage huge volumes of sensitive information,” adds Michael. “Data security has always been our number one priority and so it followed that we should develop our processes around a clearly defined standard that our customers can communicate with any regulator who enquires of them.

“We are confident that no other provider in our market has achieved a group-wide ISO 27001 certification. It’s the trust mark of protection for all of your information assets.”