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Top five with Mike Dunleavy

Following his appointment as Sales Director, Mike Dunleavey has been responsible for building new relationships across the Premex Group of brands. With almost a year under his belt, we asked him what the five most important things he’s learned are.

1)      Leave your assumptions at the door

“The personal injury market is a fascinating place to be, with professional people who value their clients’ welfare so highly, it’s difficult to compare with any other industry. If you read the newspapers, you might be led to think otherwise but I’ve quickly learned how dedicated people are at securing the right compensation for injured people.”


2)      Lawyers need space to get on with their jobs

By nature, case management is an operationally hungry business process. But what I’ve found is solicitors who too often find themselves bogged down in piecing together the bundles of medical evidence they’re given from experts. This is why our full service medical records service, from collection to sorting, paginating and analysing notes as well as preparation of a chronology of the relevant facts has become so relevant for today’s practitioners.


3)      Customers demand a lot from medical agencies – rightly so

Solicitors should demand the best from their agency. Essentially, we’re here to work hard and find the most appropriately skilled individual as near as possible to where the client lives. We’ve got to know what information is pertinent to the case, make sure any amendments are dealt with quickly, liaise with the injured party and make sure they attend appointments, secure records in good time. If we don’t manage this process efficiently, they’ll go somewhere else.


4)      Less friction, fewer delays

I was surprised when I spoke with solicitors who hadn’t worked with us, how long they sometimes expected to wait for medical evidence. ‘Are documents still being posted?’ I naively asked a colleague. This is something I’ve been very happy to relay to new customers, because it’s largely a thing of the past; Premex has cut weeks from the process of gathering and reviewing evidence, by investing in seamless online processes with our 4500-strong medical panel. The instructing solicitor feels all of the benefits and can pass that value onto the client.


5)      Data security isn’t just a kite mark

Dozens of solicitors have come to me with their concerns about data security, particularly after events like the Wannacry attack saw the NHS so badly exposed. I’ve been able to reassure them about our GDPR compliance programme which means the security of their clients’ sensitive personal information is our number one priority.