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Westminster, London, 21st February 2012: Members of Parliament and the House of Lords will today hear evidence of the vital and independent role medical professionals play in the personal injury claims process.

Premex Group, one of the UK's largest independent medical reporting organisations was invited by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Insurance & Financial Services alongside representatives of the British Medical Association, to help policymakers understand the modern delivery of medical evidence in civil court cases following road traffic accidents or injuries at work.

The delegation was asked to present in order to dispel a number of myths currently being perpetuated in the media that medical professionals have somehow been complicit in encouraging the perceived compensation culture and rising motor insurance costs.

"There is an increasing perception that the medical profession is adding fuel to the personal injury claims fire," explains Donald Fowler, Managing Director of Premex Group. "We are here today to inform members of the APPG about why this is an inappropriate generalisation and to hopefully help prevent any inappropriate policy decisions being arrived at on the back of incorrect or incomplete information."

Mr Fowler explains that MPs and Lords should take comfort in the knowledge of how modern medical evidence is procured. "It is a swift, unbiased and above all, judicially supported process which has removed cost and delay; benefiting the government's reform agenda, the opposing sides in PI disputes and injured people alike. The cost of obtaining independent medical evidence has become more predictable and the speed with which it can be delivered has significantly improved. Experts are entirely independent of the process, providing reports for both injured people and compensators, such as insurance companies or employers; they are paid the same amount irrespective of the outcome of a case."

Lord Justice Jackson who is responsible for the current reform of civil costs law had the following to say about the use of medical reporting organisations in 2010: "Having considered the evidence with the assistance of my assessors, I am persuaded that the intervention of medical reporting organisations has had the overall effect of controlling the costs of obtaining medical evidence in personal injury cases."

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