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New medical records pagination service cuts costs and saves time

Clinical negligence solicitors can benefit from a new medical records pagination service that enables them to handle complex personal injury claims more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Pagin8 has been developed by leading medico-legal reports provider Premex, working closely with niche clinical negligence firms to ensure the service reflects industry requirements.

Using an in house team of clinical nurses and professional case handlers, Pagin8 delivers a consistently high-quality pagination service.

The Pagin8 offer can be used as a standalone product or as an integral part of the Premex service range. This now includes Premex +, a service that supports particularly complex claims by delivering enhanced features, such as specialist reports and a tailored service. 

Another major advantage of Pagin8 is a deferred payment option. Instead of having to settle in a short time-frame, service users can defer payment through Premex in a way that frees up cash flow and enables greater financial flexibility.

Mike Cutler, Managing Director of Premex Services commented: "Our Pagin8 team can be instructed at any stage of the process. Whether a client needs us to obtain records, identify missing documents, or complete a full review for a case assessment, our service can be tailored to their specific requirements."

Pagin8 is delivered by an experienced team of clinical nurses and case handlers recruited for their professional knowledge and deep understanding of clinical negligence cases and medical records.

Mike added: "Our specialists understand the importance of providing prompt reviews, as well as the presentation and analysis of the relevant medical facts. Our clinical nurses have worked in the NHS and private sector and have valuable experience of reviewing medical records."

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