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Premex supports injured parties with ‘Client Vu’

Premex Services - the UK's largest provider of independent medical reports for personal injury cases - has launched an online portal to help injured parties and improve the customer appointment experience, whilst at the same time reduce the number of missed appointments.

Client Vu is a unique system which allows injured parties to confirm, cancel or rearrange their appointments, bringing individuals much closer to the process. With a sophisticated web user interface and a combination of email and text message alerts, the portal benefits individuals and medical practitioners alike by improving attendance at medical appointments and supporting injured parties with reminders and information about them.

A simple process has been implemented with clients notified of Client Vu through their initial appointment letter, on which they receive details of their authentication code to enter into the system. Premex has included twin factor security within this process as an additional precaution.

Once logged into Client Vu, injured parties can confirm, rearrange or cancel appointments with GPs and orthopaedic consultants*. The system provides a range of alternative options and delivers true flexibility to the individual on where and when their appointment will take place.

Mike Cutler, Managing Director of Premex Services said: "This is an excellent addition to the Vu suite of software services and one which will support injured parties in what can be a difficult process. It is in the interest of all stakeholders to ensure that medical appointments are kept, and Client Vu helps individuals manage their medical appointment in a method that is most convenient to them."

*Client Vu is an online portal which allows the injured party to Confirm, Re-arrange or Cancel their appointment.  This will be available on all case types apart from, Premex+, Home visits, Hospital visits, Prison visits and Experts abroad. 

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