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Is this service secure?

Security is very important to us at Premex Group. We implement security by providing:

  • Your unique link to the Vu site for your first time use
  • The ability for you to choose your own user name and password
  • Secure-server software that encrypts all your personal information
  • An encryption process that takes the characters you enter and converts them into bits of code that are only then securely transmitted over the Internet
  • Secure systems within the Premex Group to protect information


The Premex Group will provide you with a unique link allowing your personal registration for the Vu Portal.

You will then have the ability to choose your own unique user name and password for repeated access to the Vu Portal site.

You should however, keep your user name and password secret. Only someone who knows your user name and password details can access the information you provide. If you forget either one of them you will need to contact us.


Vu Portal has been subject to independent security and penetration testing by Securetest, an NCC Group company. Securetest are accredited by the payment card industry and the Information Assurance arm of the Government Communications Headquarters and are the UK's foremost authority on systems security.


You will be able to recognise from the Vu Portal launch screen that you are using a secure connection because a security icon will be displayed on the status bar of your browser. If you are using Internet Explorer 7.0 or above you will notice that the address bar at the top of your screen has also turned green.

Whilst registration information that you provide to us is encrypted, note that if other people have access to the computer you are using, you should log out and close all the browser windows before you leave the computer, to make sure that your details remain secure.


If you stop using the Vu service for more than 20 minutes whilst you are logged in, the service will log you out for security reasons.

Before You Start

Please read the Premex privacy policy and terms and conditions.