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Vu- Fixed Fee Medical

Fixed Fee Medicals 

From the 1st October 2014 there will be changes to the RTA protocol and Parts 35 and 45 of the CPR.  These changes include the introduction of new fixed fees for medical reports regarding "soft tissue injuries". 

A fixed fee of £180+VAT will be recoverable on an initial medical report for a soft tissue injury claim.  Therefore, Premex recommends that you instruct a GP on any initial reports to ensure that the fee is recoverable.  

To make the process easier, we request that you provide some additional information when the case type is a RTA.  We have made some modifications to our Vu system to ensure the relevant information is always captured. 

Vu will now request you input the case type from a drop down list of options; these include RTA, Employers Liability, Industrial Disease, Clinical Negligence etc. 

Changes to Vu

Instructing a GP on a RTA Case

If you instruct a GP on a RTA case then the medical expert will always determine the injured party's injuries.  In this scenario the Vu system will not request any additional information.

Instructing a non GP on a RTA Case

If you instruct a non GP on a RTA case you will be asked four additional questions to determine if the case qualifies for a Fixed Fee Medical.

  1. Is this an initial medical report? Yes/ No  
  2. Is the CNF Date post 1st October 2014? Yes/ No  
  3. Is the most significant physical injury soft tissue? Yes/ No  
  4. Was the injured party an occupant of a motor vehicle?  Yes/ No

If you answer yes to these questions the instruction potentially qualifies for a fixed fee medical report.  If you instruct a non GP medical expert this could incur higher fees that are at risk of being unrecoverable. Therefore, the system will prompt you to:

  1. Change the medical expert type to a GP
  2. Contact Premex on 01204 478300 to discuss your requirements in further detail
  3. Send a letter of instruction to Premex confirming that you, as the instructing party, will be liable to pay Premex's fees in full, notwithstanding any shortfall in recovery of such fees.\

Instructing other case types 

If you submit an instruction on a case type other than RTA you will not be asked any additional information and the process will remain the same. 

Contact Details

Please click here to read an overview of Premex's operational process in relation to "soft tissue injuries" and a series of FAQS.

If you have any specific queries regarding soft tissue injury claims please email fixedfeemedicals@premex.comor call 01204 478300.