An experienced panel of nationwide medical experts sits at the heart of Premex. We have over 3600 experts who have all been vetted to ensure they have the right skills and qualifications to provide highest quality medical reports for you and your clients.

Expert Panel

With the largest panel in the industry, we have the right medical expert for you.


With access to over 11,000 venues nationwide, we can accommodate a convenient appointment for all claimants.

National Coverage

We have national coverage across England and Wales.


At Premex, we pride ourselves on providing an exceptional service to our customers. Scot Darling, our Chief Medical Officer, has been with Premex Services for over 13 years and has over 18 years’ experience in the medico-legal industry. His experience includes being part of the development of the first national medico-legal accreditation ‘CertMR’ and the development of Premex’s own report writing template ‘X-Port’.

Scot has played a key role in the development of our internal processes, with the goal of providing the highest quality medico-legal reports, whilst ensuring the safe-guarding of the health, well-being and privacy of all claimants.

Working closely with our Senior Executive Team, experts and customers, Scot helps advise on general management and clinical queries and undertakes weekly audits of MedCo medical expert reports to maintain and improve their quality.

Continuous Training

Premex delivers an annual programme of CPD accredited courses that are designed to inform, advise, and assist experts with all aspects of medico legal work as well as aiding professional development.

Panel Quality

Our goal has always been to select the best medical experts to ensure we provide our customers with the highest possible level of service from every expert and every report.

Performance Audits

We regularly audit a random selection of our panel, ensuring that all our experts meet the standards that we expect, with results fed back to the medical expert to assist with their on-going service development.

Expert Seminars

Our Leading By Example conference delivers an annual programme of CPD accredited courses - designed to inform, advise and assist our experts & solicitors with all aspects of medico-legal work as well as aiding professional development.