Premex are a Tier 1, MedCo accredited medical reporting organisation and the industry leader in the provision of independent medico-legal reports. With a dedicated expert panel of over 3,600 leading industry experts and continuous investment in our IT infrastructure and technologies, our aim is to provide you with a truly industry-leading service.

  • RTA

    We process thousands of Road Traffic Accident cases each month. The work is split into two bands;

    • Cases that fall within the small claims track and require the initial fixed cost report to be produced by a MedCo accredited expert.
    • Cases that fall outside of the small claims track. This can either be as a result of the injuries sustained or because the claimant was not the occupant of a vehicle (i.e. they were on a motorbike).

    Regardless of the band your cases falls into, Premex can support you in obtaining a suitable medical report.

  • Employers' Liability

    If an employee becomes ill or injured as a result of the work that they are doing, then this will fall under an Employers Liability report. Injuries can include manual handling injuries, trips and falls through to long term illnesses caused by their working environment. 

  • Public Liability

    Public liability reports are needed when an injured party is making a claim for an incident occurring on the premises of a company or individual. This could be when a member of the public accesses the company or individual's premises or if they are attending off-site events or activities.

  • Owners Liability

    Owners Liability reports are required when a personal injury claim is made in against a property owner or landlord. The claim will often be brought forward when a third party suffers an injury in, or because of the property.