With the largest panel of experts in the industry, our experts sit at the heart of everything we do. We pride ourselves on the calibre and quality of experts we have on our panel, only selecting the best medical experts to ensure we provide our customers with the highest possible level of service from every expert and every report.

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We are actively recruiting new medical experts to join our panel. If you have experience in writing medical reports or would like to start, why not send us your details?

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Expert Seminars

We deliver an annual programme of CPD accredited courses - designed to inform, advise and assist our experts with all aspects of medico-legal work as well as aiding professional development.

IT Innovation 

We are continually evolving our technology-based services to make the process of managing appointments and other administrative tasks easier for all our medical experts.

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Being part of the Premex panel has many benefits, including flexibility of workload, free use of advanced technology and annual development programmes. Here are just a few of the benefits of being part of our panel:

Reliable & Regular Payments
Full IT Support
Senior Medical Guidance & Support
CPD Accredited Seminars

 We are here to support you...

Here at Premex Services, the quality of the experts on our panel is of the highest importance. Our Expert Liaison Team specialise in making sure we have the best experts available to our customers.

Our Expert Liaison Team oversee the recruitment of experts to our panel, confirming you have all the relevant qualifications and registrations with the appropriate governing bodies.

The team also provide ongoing support to our experts and monitor overall performance across the panel. We understand that this is not your primary role, so the team will monitor instruction levels, appointment availability and report timescales to suit your availability and individual requirements and to keep your performance in line with the relevant service levels.